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Which plan should I choose?

The type of plan depends on what you want to use your page for & what features you will need. If you are creating a profile page you could start with our free plan and upgrade when needed. If you want to advertise your business, then we also have plans for this too.

What domains can I choose?

With our upgraded plan, we provide a free domain. You can purchase any domain if it is available.

If I have a domain, can I use it for my page?

Yes.You will need to upgrade to the Pro plan if you have not already. All you need to do is access your domain registrar account and update your name servers to &

How do I capture leads?

With our FREE plan, you capture leads via email. With our upgraded have the ability to choose from different capture methods.

How does meeting scheduling work?

With our upgraded plan. You can change the functionality of the Action Button to book meetings directly into an available time slot within your calendar.

What is the Action Button?

The action button prompts visitors to your page to take an action, whether that be email you, book a meeting or download a specific file.

What stats will i get?

You will be able to see full statistics of your page via google analytics. This shows visitors to your page, how long they stay for and more.

Can I remove your advertising?

Yes. When you upgrade we remove our advertising from your page.

Why choose your service?

We provide you with everything you will ever need in one single location. More features are available as you upgrade.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel your account at any time with us by contacting our support team via